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At Compass 4 Humanity, our mission is to bridge educational gaps and foster equity by providing targeted tutoring and educational support to refugee and underserved children. We aim to empower these young minds with the skills and knowledge they need to catch up and excel in their academic journeys, regardless of geographic or cultural barriers.  We are committed to creating a world where every child has equal access to quality education and the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Many refugee children arrive in the U.S. with limited or interrupted formal education because of the challenging circumstances such as violence, poverty or lack of infrastructure to provide quality education in their home country. Refugee camps either lack schools or if present, are understaffed and lack basic education resources. Furthermore, these children are placed in grade levels based on their age, rather than academic proficiency, worsening their struggle to keep up with their peers. Some children face the daunting task of catching up to years of learning. Through Compass 4 Humanity, we provide personalized 1-on-1 tutoring to help support these students bridge the learning gap and thrive in their new schools. 


Displacement from one's homeland due to war, conflict, or persecution often leaves emotional and psychological scars that can be just as challenging to heal as any physical needs. The stress of adjusting to a new country, along with the lingering trauma from the circumstances that led to their refugee status, can have a lasting impact on well-being. Recognizing the emotional and social needs of the refugee community, we provide art and knitting workshops. These workshops not only serve as a therapeutic space to express creativity and learn new skills but also offer a setting to form new friendships and connections. They help to promote mental well-being and foster a sense of belonging and community in their new homes.

In the remote, tribal regions of India, children often face challenges one can hardly imagine.  Living in poverty and lacking basic amenities such as electricity and water, these young minds are trapped in a cycle where survival is more important than education. This perpetuates a cycle of poverty that spans generations. Compass 4 Humanity believes that education is the lever that can lift these children out of their difficult circumstances. We not only provide online tutoring, but also distribute essential books and educational resources that empower them to take charge of their learning journey.


Orphaned children in India frequently encounter challenges in achieving education equity. Living conditions in orphanages often lack the conducive atmosphere for academic growth, let alone the emotional burden that comes with lack of family support. To address this, Compass 4 Humanity offers online tutoring and supplies essential educational materials to these children.

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